Suffered From A Concussion While In The NFL?

Step 1

Are You A Retired NFL Player?

If you played for the NFL you may be entitled to substantial compensation: up to $5 million for the most serious injuries. This money has been made available through a settlement fund established because of the serious risks caused by repetitive concussions and the NFL’s prior knowledge of these risks.

You can participate in the NFL concussion settlement even if you are not suffering from memory loss or other concussion symptoms right now.

Answering Calls 24/7

Question: I only played for a season before my injury – is that enough to qualify for this program?

Answer: YES. If you played at least a half season you meet the requirement. 

Question: I received a letter a few years ago informing me I’m not eligible for compensation. Can you still help me? 

Answer: YES. Many players like you received these letters, but eligibility has changed since those letters went out, so please contact us for a consult.

Question: Can I participate even if I didn’t play for the NFL? 

Answer: YES. Players who played for the World League and in NFL Europe are also able to participate in this program.

Question: I wasn’t an active player – is there still a way I can qualify?

Answer: YES. If you were on the practice, development, or taxi squad, you can participate, even if you didn’t have an eligible season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I wasn’t originally diagnosed with a concussions, but my doctor says that’s what I had – do my injuries qualify? 

Answer: YES. In the past, concussions weren’t diagnosed and documented as they are now, but if you were injured, you may still qualify. 

Question: I don’t know when the filing deadlines are, or how to go about getting my paperwork in order. Is this something you can help with? 

Answer: YES. While the filing dates are still being determined, it’s important to begin the process of getting a qualifying diagnosis soon. We can help, and keep you informed throughout the process.

Question: I was injured, but I don’t currently have a qualifying diagnosis, would I still be eligible? 

Answer: YES. We can refer you to a physician who specializes in sports injuries and concussions to get you and accurate diagnosis.

Question: I have a series of symptoms including memory loss, trouble speaking, reading and writing, and difficulty completing tasks – can I find out if these symptoms are a result of my injury and not another condition such as Alzheimer’s? 

Answer: YES. We work with professional physicians who can examine you and your history to identify the cause of your current health condition.

Question: If I take the time to fill out this form, will I ever hear from anyone?  

Answer: YES. A member of our staff will respond by phone within (1 day/1 week) for a personal consultation with you. 

The registration and subsequent follow-ups involved with filing an NFL concussion settlement claim is very complicated.

If you do not file your claim properly you may lose your right to ever receive financial compensation from the NFL, even if you develop concussion symptoms in the future.

It is also critical that you receive neurological testing from a quality, independent doctor. This means a doctor who is not working for the NFL. There is a limited amount of time to get this independent testing before new participants in this settlement will have to undergo testing by NFL-approved doctors. 

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